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As a psychotherapist in Chicago, IL, Gary Walls, Ph.D. works with patients of all ages in a compassionate and caring manner to give the treatment that you deserve. Dr. Walls is highly experienced at helping his patients cope with emotions that they are having trouble handling through psychotherapy. We can help you or a loved one if you are struggling with or displaying signs and symptoms of mental illness.
If you or a family member is besieged by post traumatic stress disorder, ongoing professional treatment is vital to survival. Untreated, this disease can wreak havoc on an individual’s personal life and the lives of their families. However, you are not alone; we offer counseling for post traumatic stress.
Our sexual abuse therapy can help you break free of the lifelong impacts of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse, whether you’ve suffered it in your adult life or experienced childhood sexual abuse, affects everything from relationships to physical and mental health. Our goal is to help victims work through lingering emotional effects of abuse and move forward to a more joyful and healthier life.
If you are dealing with divorce and are experiencing the wide range of intense and confusing emotions that are often associated with this event, you do not have to suffer in silence. We offer divorce counseling to help you get past the overwhelming emotions that are interfering with your daily life.
Our marriage counseling will help you and your partner move forward together. We provide therapies that are attentive to the problems that threaten the love that you and your significant other enjoy. We can help you facilitate the communication process in an environment that is relaxing and inviting.
When you lose a loved one, a job, or a marriage, the impact can be devastating emotionally. Grief is a natural response to loss, but those feelings can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable. Getting help from a professional therapist that offers grief counseling is the first step toward facing your emotions and feelings so that you can move forward.
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