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Gary Walls, Ph.D is a team of professional psychologists in Chicago, IL providing a range of therapies and treatments for mental health conditions. Modern life has come with the burden of increased responsibility and stress and some times it can be difficult to cope. You may have a long term issue with depression or addiction and feel that its time to address the issues you have so that you can reclaim your life. Perhaps you work too hard, to the point of exhaustion and you’re not sure why when you are clearly suffering from stress. Whatever your issue, we can provide you with the support, counseling and treatment you require to piece your life back together again.

Professional clinical psychology helps you overcome issues and works for all ages. If your child seems withdrawn or over-active, you may want to discover root issues that are causing these behaviors. We are extensively experienced in the field of mental health and can provide the appropriate counseling sessions for your individual needs. Everyone is different after all and that’s why we take considerable time to talk your personal issues through with you. We have to get a greater understanding of who you are in order to find out the best course towards recovery to suit your individual needs. By guiding conversations and addressing subjects you may not otherwise consider, we can help you discover more about yourself so that you can move forward, better equipped to deal with life.

Mental health issues don’t have the stigma attached to them they had years ago and our society is much more accepting of the fact that they are forms of illness.The therapists at Gary Walls, Ph.D have distinguished careers with first class experience and we’re available to you to give you support no matter how dark your journey may seem.

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