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Gary Walls, Ph.D is a trained psychologist and divorce therapist with valuable experience in divorce counseling in Chicago, IL. The overwhelming and confusing painful emotions that can accompany a divorce can prevent you from moving forward with your life. Feelings such as grief, anger, resentment, shame, guilt and anxiety can be intensify the pain of a divorce. Working with a professional mediator trained in divorce counseling can help you overcome the intensity of this emotionally traumatic period of your life.

It is during this difficult time that the professional help and guidance from a divorce therapist can enable you to address any negative feelings you may have that hold you back and keep you rooted in pain. Life does not end after a divorce. With effective ways in dealing with the disappointment, you can find happiness again. You will also become stronger having come through such a challenging transition. Divorce counseling can bring this about sooner. This is an opportunity in which you can learn more about yourself and use as an opportunity for growth.

Whatever the reason for the divorce, it is a period of grief and getting professional help is undoubtedly beneficial. You don’t need to face the challenges of custody or single parenting alone. You can build a life again armed with the right coping strategies. Without appropriate trained help to cope, there is the chance that depression may set in or bring about other mental health conditions. By working with an experienced divorce therapist, you can learn to not only cope with separation, but survive and thrive.

As a mediation specialist in family divorce, Gary Walls, Ph.D can help a couple with issues associated with divorce such as living arrangements, parenting responsibilities, visitation rights as well as financial obligations. Limit the emotional damage of a divorce through divorce counseling.

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