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Much of the time in our lives is spent working. Because of this, it makes sense to not only have a job that provides for your needs, but satisfies you emotionally and mentally too. It’s true that many people can get stuck in careers and jobs that they resent. This can often be the result of not having any direction with your career choices, or fully utilizing your unique skills and talents by focusing them on a career that is right for you. Choosing an effective and qualified job counselor can go a long way in helping you to find fulfillment in your career and work.

Gary Walls, Ph.D offers a counseling center with affordable career counseling in Chicago, IL that can help you with numerous issues in your work life. He provides expert career coaching and career guidance that can help you to be more happy in your workplace by finding and working towards career directions that are best for you, your personality and your skills.

Dr. Walls aids patients in career development and career management by acting as their career coach, helping them to identify their particular needs and talents. For those that are at their ideal career, but are having trouble finding fulfillment, Dr. Walls can help you to look at your career differently as a career consultant, helping you to see the ways that it is beneficial for your needs and goals, and suggesting a change if needed.

Are you experiencing anxiety and unfulfilled from recent job changes, or are having problems with conflicts in your current workplace? Dr. Walls can help with that as well, acting as your personal job counselor while talking you through any issues that are plaguing you.

Dr. Walls is a leading career counseling therapist in the Chicago area. Book an appointment today to see why.

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