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At some point in almost everyone’s adult life they experience some form of anxiety, and that is entirely reasonable. Short periods of anxiety from time to time are extremely common. However, when your anxiety is frequent and begins to hinder your relationships, your career, or other aspects of your life, it is wise to seek the help of a professional before the condition becomes too burdensome.
Gary Walls Ph.D. provides anxiety therapy in Chicago, IL, to help you get rid of the panicky feeling and improve your health. Our anxiety treatments and therapies will help you regain your sense of calm and take back the life that you had before panic took over.
Persistent worries that will not go away or phobias can destroy your entire life and make it impossible to enjoy your daily activities or your family. We provide relief for our patients through therapy in a caring, non-judgmental, professional environment to help rid you of rapid anxiety and improve your overall quality of life.
Dr. Walls is here to help. He works closely with each of his patients to help them better understand and manage anxiety disorders. Through therapy it is easy to identify stressors that are causing anxiety. We explore the psychological effects of these stressors to determine a course of action.
Once we have a more thorough understanding of the source of the anxiety, we provide an analysis that will be the first step in changing the negative thoughts and behaviors. The goal of our therapies is to help your anxiety and give you freedom from its debilitating effects.
Anxiety does not have to stand in the way of the pursuit of your goals, desires, or happiness. We can help you overcome your anxiety.

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