About | Gary Walls, Ph.D - Chicago, IL

About | Gary Walls, Ph.D - Chicago, IL

Gary Walls, Ph.D. is a licensed, versatile psychologist in Chicago, IL. Gary has a B.A. from Harvard University in psychology and social relations and a Doctorate in clinical psychology from Miami University. He completed his fellowship at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago. 

In 2008, Dr. Walls received the award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychoanalysis and Human Rights from the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology. He was also honored in 2007 with the Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Multicultural Teaching by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 

Dr. Walls has experience guiding his patients toward positive change. He provides anxiety counseling, depression therapy, sexual abuse therapy, marriage counseling, divorce counseling, PTSD and grief counseling, career counseling and other general counseling areas. 

As a therapist who values careful listening and understanding, Dr. Walls sees patients one or more times a week. He works diligently to establish a trusting, reliable therapy relationship to serve best the needs of his patients and give them the greatest possible chances of success. 

Dr. Walls uses a modern form of psychoanalytic therapy that utilizes the therapeutic relationship as a forum for exploring and recognizing the patterns of self-expression. With the help of this type of therapy, Dr. Walls assists his patients in overcoming the inhibitions that are keeping them from getting what they want out of life. 

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